15 March

Top 5 Natural Supplements your body needs to run the J2J

When it comes to health, the Peninsula Private Hospital believes a holistic approach is super important. If you’re thinking of taking part in the Jetty 2 Jetty this year, you’ve probably though...Read Post

15 March

Rebel Sport Warm Down Zone

Running is not just about the run – it’s about the preparation beforehand, the determination shown during and the time you give yourself to recover afterwards. With this in mind, Rebel Sport N...Read Post

28 February

Top Running Tracks in the Moreton Bay Region

Running should not be monogamous. Don’t be afraid to try out different routes. Just as setting new goals and methods can be a great way to maintain motivation, variety in running tracks can re...Read Post

21 February

What to Expect on Race Day

What to expect on race day Date: Sunday, 22nd July, 2018 Location: Crockatt Park, Woody Point 6.00am Race Precinct Opens 6.45am Gleeson Klien Stegeman Lawyers Half Marathon (21km) Race Start...Read Post

21 February

Planning for your first half marathon

Stepping up to your first half marathon can be a bit daunting but incredibly exciting all at the same time. You’ve chosen your race and you are starting to feel the exhilaration of the challen...Read Post