Prepare to put in hard yards for the long game

Ahead of the 2018 Jetty 2 Jetty Moreton Life Magazine sat down with Sandra Hegarty, a personal training and group fitness supervisor at Dolphins Health Precinct to get her tips on planning to take on the Jetty 2 Jetty half marathon.

Half Marathon Tips 


  • "Planning is key" the more time runners give themselves to get ready for the event the better
  • The first step should be seeing your GP. Running 21km can be brutal for those who attempt it without training, with a high risk of injury and long term problems
  • Once you have the all-clear, organise everything you need for race day early and train with it, especially running shoes, socks and pouches. 
  • Add in strength and conditioning traning using a cross-trainer and short and long runs outside each week
  • Increase the distance you are running each week by 10 percent until you can comfortable run 16-18km.
  • In the last 2-3 weeks start to taper off.
  • In the final week before the race, just run an easy 5-8km. 
  • It is important not to hit race pace during training but you can do interval training once a week to improve your fitness. Interval training is running 400m at race pace, taking a break for 30-60seconds before running 400m again. Do this for three or four times. Running up hills is good for strength training - but take care running down hills - use your core and try to reduce joint jarring. You can start with three to four hills and gradually increase to seven to eight hills.

Race Day: 

  • Have a good, light breakfast high in carbohydrates and fresh fruit 
  • Make sure you are well hydrated the day before and the morning of the race
  • Go for a light jog to warm up properly
  • Try electrolyte gels during training to see if they work for you
  • Make use of drink stations on the course 
  • Have a high carbohydrate meal the night before, but don't leave it too late to eat 
  • No alcohol for a couple of days before the race 
  • Get oxygen in the lower part of your lungs, by emptying your lungs and taking a deep breath 
  • Relax your shoulders and hands when running and make sure your feet land in line with your body. Look straight ahead, not down. 
Article written by Kylie Knight, Moreton Life Magazine