Top 5 Natural Supplements your body needs to run the J2J

When it comes to health, the Peninsula Private Hospital believes a holistic approach is super important. If you’re thinking of taking part in the Jetty 2 Jetty this year, you’ve probably thought about training and preparation - doing all the right things to make sure your body is in top shape to participate and cross that finish line! But have you thought about preparing your body from the inside out? Experts agree that taking care and fueling your body properly is a must, and vitamins and minerals provide some handy benefits when it comes to exercise - like reducing muscle inflammation, helping muscles recover faster and giving the body a boost of energy and endurance. 

Peninsula Private bring us the top 5 natural supplements to keep your body going when it counts.

1.Omega 3 Fish Oil

Fish Oil is packed with Omega 3 fatty acids- these aren’t bad fats, they’re essential fats, which means our bodies need them to function but can’t make them naturally! Fish Oil has been known to reduce inflammation, muscle pain and stiffness. You can find also Omega 3 in Fish, Plants, Eggs, Wild rice, Soybeans and Walnuts.

2.Whey Protein

Whey Protein is full of amino acids and natural pure protein that can be quickly absorbed by your tired aching muscles for an energy boost. It’s also a powerful tool to reduce recovery time after your workout or run! You can find whey protein in Milk, Yoghurt and Cheese.


Zinc works with enzymes in our body, many of which are involved in energy metabolism. Endurance athletes often lose zinc during exercise, so it's important to supplement to build levels back up. Zinc can be found naturally in foods like Spinach, Beans, Beef, Seafood and Pumpkin Seeds.


Magnesium has an important job - it helps move blood sugar into your muscles and get rid of lactic acid that builds up in muscles during exercise and causes pain. Not only does it help prevent muscle weakness, fatigue and cramps, Magnesium is known to calm nerves and create energy in your body! Some foods containing Magnesium are Spinach, Fish, Nuts, Bananas, Avocados and Dried Fruit.

5.Vitamin B

The more active we are, the more we need Vitamin B to help produce energy and repair cells. Vitamin B combats and prevents symptoms like fatigue, muscle weakness, joint paint and trouble breathing. Foods packed with Vitamin B include Poultry, Beef, Snapper, Potatoes, Bananas and Asparagus.

For more information on healthy living, The Healthy Living Expo is back again this year for everyone to enjoy and learn about active living, health, and wellness from local businesses as they give expert health advice and stacks of freebies and samples away.

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