Rebel Sport Warm Down Zone

Rebel Sport Warm Down Zone

Running is not just about the run – it’s about the preparation beforehand, the determination shown during and the time you give yourself to recover afterwards. With this in mind, Rebel Sport North Lakes is again sponsoring the Jetty 2 Jetty Warm Down Zone so that runners have a dedicated space to decompress and relax after their run. This warm down zone will also give participants a space to help with their bodies response to exercise and stretching, as well as ensure participants safely recover their bodies after the run.

Warm Up before the Jetty 2 Jetty

Warming up is crucial for runners because it gradually adjusts the body to commence the exercise session. It concentrates the muscles and increased circulation throughout the body to make muscles more ergonomic. Jumping into exercise without properly warming up puts unnecessary stress on an athletes joints and muscles.

Do what the professionals do

The optimal method of warming up involves dynamic movements that increase heart-rate and breathing, the universal indication of readiness is warming up to a light sweat. Five to ten minutes is generally enough time for the body to acclimate. These movements are recommended to be similar to that of the upcoming exercise but at a slower pace with gradually increasing intensity to ease the demand on the body and halt any undesired fatigue. Warm up exercises include:

  • Front to back leg swings
  • Jumping rope / skipping
  • Slow jogging
  • Low resistance bike riding
  • Big arm circles in both directions

The Rebel Sport Warm Down Zone

The best way to warm down is to start in reverse of the warm up and continue the exercise while gently lightening the intensity. A general rule of thumb is that three to five minutes of light cardiovascular exercise to help the body gradually recover back to normal.

Feel the stretch

Although it’s often overlooked at the end of a workout, it’s important to take ten minutes to stretch all the major muscle groups with two to three sets of stretching for each muscle even the arms!

  • Hold the stretch at the point of slight discomfort (but it shouldn’t be uncomfortable)
  • Hold the sustained stretch for 10 to 30 seconds
  • Don’t negate the stretch by using the muscles straight after
  • It’s important to breathe while stretching otherwise nerves signal the muscles to contract

Why static stretching?

When warming down, static stretches become ideal as they help realign muscle fibres and help the muscles ease back into their normal range of motion. More importantly these stretches help:

  • Dispel built up lactic acid
  • Reduce the effect of DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness)
  • Aid the heart rate in returning to normal

Effective warm down methods

  • Yoga is great for cooling down – these exercises stretch the body and target parts that can’t normally be reached
  • Trigger point compression – the purpose of this is to release tension in tight areas within the muscle tissue can be putting stress on other muscles in the body
  • Foam rolling – the benefit of this is that it increases the mobility of the fibrous layer of connective tissue around the muscles called fascia which helps increase flexibility and blood flow.

The Rebel Sport Warm Down Zone includes mats, foam-rollers and therma-bands to help participants safely adjust their body back to normal. Personal trainers and physiotherapists will be available here to guide attendants to safely warm down and help runners with any massaging or trigger point compression. Make sure to stop in once you’ve completed your run.