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Jetty 2 Jetty Half Marathon & Fun Run - Officially Certified Course

There is a reason why the Jetty 2 Jetty Half Marathon & Fun Run is known as one of Queensland's most scenic, and now our course is officially certified by AIM/IAAF.

This means all our participants are assured that when they run the Jetty 2 Jetty Fun Run:

  • The course has been accurately measured and set up so they will complete the correct distance.
  • The method used to measure the course is accurate and reproducible so their performance can be compared to other performance in certified races.
  • Performances in the race can be considered by athletic governing bodies for records or qualification criteria.
  • Performances by runners can be considered by other certified races for entry qualifying standards.

Whether you're a veteran at running events or a first-timer, we have an event perfect for you.