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Attitude is Everything

The right attitude for success: How you can meet future challenges

Article by Heather McKenzie, SRJ Walker Wayland

Everyone will have challenges in their life and will need to change in order to adapt to the future. But it can be hard to come to terms with.

As I recently had cause to ponder my own life and the future direction of our own organisation, I was reminded that it all comes down to having the right attitude for success.

Let me explain…

Learning from personal challenges

I’m a bit of a dinosaur. I’ve been working in this industry for over 40 years!

I’ve never had any aspirations to be ‘the boss’ and have floated along quite happily, looking after our clients’ financial needs and lending a sympathetic ear whenever necessary; generally, just getting on with things.

But times move on and technology changes. We always have to either get with the programme or get out of the way. Simple enough – I wouldn’t expect it to be any different.

It was pointed out to me that one of my (so-called) talents is writing. I know that’s a little odd for an accountant but I’m a strange mix of numbers and letters!

My writing abilities lean more towards poetry or story writing; certainly nothing that I ever felt would be of interest to an accounting firm! But hey ho – here I am writing a blog post for our website.

I’ve seen a lot of changes in this industry in my 40-plus years. Do you remember when there were no computers? Just pen and paper and, if you were lucky, an electronic typewriter?

I do. That was the reality in the accounting world in the 1970s!.

As well as professional changes, I’ve had a lot of personal changes to deal with, particularly in the last few years.

In early 2015, I was diagnosed with cancer. That came as quite a shock to me! At the time, I was fit, healthy, and able to cope with everything asked of me.

I had the time and energy to work long days, fit in an early morning exercise session most days, and spend quality time with the kids and grandkids on the weekends.

But cancer changed all that. With the many, many trips to the hospital for treatments and the recovery time after each treatment, my life changed dramatically.

Initially, I was off work for approximately four months. Then I tried (and failed, for the most part!) to work part time whilst I was having radiation treatments. Throughout it all, SRJ stood firmly by me (and still does to this day), for which I’ll be forever grateful.

A positive outlook: the right attitude for success

During this tough time, I was quite often told that I had a very positive outlook. At least, that’s what I managed to let most people see. It carried me through and past the worst of times until I reached a modicum of peace, health and calm on the other side.

I came to see that it was all in the attitude.

So, where am I going with all this soul bearing? I’ll tell you…

An ability to look at things with the right frame of mind is what will allow you to cope and to soar above your competitors.

Without the right attitude, there is no chance of survival.

With the right attitude, we can come through the stiffest of challenges and enjoy (hopefully) a long life ahead.

I look at a race (Jetty 2 Jetty) the same way I look at life – one foot after the other will get you to the finish line; one step at a time, one day at a time.

That’s it – it’s all in having the right attitude for success!!

Oh, and by the way, I’m now back at work three days per week and slowly gaining back my energy, my memory, and my life. Attitude is everything.