How to keep your running consistent through the year
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How to keep your running consistent throughout the year

How to keep your running consistent throughout the year

You may be feeling either slightly euphoric or drained after a big race, but according to Moreton Bay Road Runner’s Jenna, it’s perfectly normal after a big running event to feel a little “What now?”

The "What Now?"

The runners high can have someone frantically searching for the next biggest race or feeling completely exhausted and wanting to burn their running shoes. But even post-race, it’s important to rest and recover properly.

Take time to step back and congratulate yourself on what a huge accomplishment both mentally and physically you have just achieved. Having a mental recap of the race and running through those high and low points can help with reflection and goal management in the future.

An active recovery is also a good idea. Keep moving and enjoy some nice light walking, swimming and bike riding. This is also a great time to catch up with friends and family that you may have neglected a little while you were training your heart out.

Jenna from Moreton Bay Road Runners has shared some of her best tips for keeping your running consistent throughout the year (and not just in marathon season).

How to keep your running consistent throughout the year

Usually the best way to keep yourself running consistent throughout the year is to enjoy it!

Training for events and races can have you motivated to train hard to achieve your goals, but in those down times you need to find other things to motivate you to get out the door running!

Here are some tips;

Routine: Allocate certain times of your week to running, it’s a lot easier when it’s a habit and you never have to check your calendar because you know when it’s run time!

Mix It Up: Explore rather than run! Try running in new areas and on different terrains. Running on trails and off road can be a breath of fresh air if you have been pounding that pavement for a long period of time.

Retail Therapy: Buy some new running shoes, get out and show them off!

Multi-task: If you are time poor, try multitasking some of your runs.

  • Take the dog with you
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Run to coffee dates, kid’s football games, work or gym.
  • Ask friends and family members to join you, they can always ride a bike if they don’t run and it’s a great way to spend quality time with them chatting!

Get Social:

Running clubs and group runs are a great way to stay motivated. Many clubs hold regular runs where you can meet up with a group of like-minded people, have a laugh and run at the same time. Telling someone you will meet them for a run will have you less likely to have that extra lay in and you never know what you can learn from a group or where you will end up running next!

Want to Join a Team?

Hate running by yourself? Join a team and run with others.

Thinking about joining the Moreton Bay Road Runners? Head over to their website for fees and contact details.