Kindred tackles Kokoda
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Kindred tackles Kokoda

Seven members of Kindred Property Group have completed a grueling seven day, 96km trek of the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea in June this year, a follow-on from Kindred’s inaugural trek in 2018.

Driven to push themselves and their teamwork to new levels and pay respect to Australian troops and allies, the Kindred team say the trek was one of the toughest physical and mental challenges many of them have faced.

“The Kokoda Trek is indescribable,” shares Josh Kindred, Principal of Kindred Property Group.

“When we decided to do the trek as a company in 2018, we knew a journey of that magnitude would shape our team for the better, and we were right in that thinking.”

“We have made Kokoda Trek a yearly event for our team now, and this year was our second year taking staff over to walk the historical trek, which is in the 10 hardest treks in the world.”

“Although the task to complete the trek is an individual one, it’s something that’s made more manageable with the support of those around you and you quickly learn to support each other and reach out for support in a completely new way.”

Josh shares that trekking Kokoda is just one of the many activities the Kindred team undertake to create the best possible home for people to reach their full potential.

“Some weeks it’s training, other weeks it might be an amazing race or hiking mountains overseas – we like to stay dynamic,” laughs Josh.

“Our culture is one of the non-negotiables in our business and we wholeheartedly focus on activities that create growth for our Kindred family. I believe this is crucial for any business.”

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The 2019 Kindred Kokoda Team

Daniel Lyngcoln

"Trekking Kokoda allows you to deeply disconnect from the current world, unplug from technology and remove daily responsibilities and account-abilities. This allows you to push your body and mind to its limits, whilst respecting those who gave their today for our tomorrow.”

Alanah Fowler

“The highlight from my 2019 Kokoda trip was getting to experience the different culture and the new friendships that I developed along the trek.”

Josh Kindred

“You serve each other, regardless of your position in the workplace, and there’s no room for status or ego. You are one team and incredible relationships are built.”

Daniel Tape

“The bond created between trekkers who see each other’s lows and highs is special – you gain a deeper understanding of people you don’t necessarily interact with on a daily basis at work. It also helps with ongoing community and culture.”