Sesame Lane records biggest team ever in J2J
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Sesame Lane records biggest team ever in J2J

With less than a month to race day, a Jetty 2 Jetty (J2J) record has tumbled as the 2019 race sees a new record in the largest team entry in race history.

Sesame Lane Care and Kindergarten have smashed the largest team entry record with a massive team of over 80 currently entered and the team just keeps growing!

This massive team includes members aged from as young as 12 months to 67 years old, competing across all four distances.

We spoke to Sesame Lane Marketing Manager Beth Oxley to find out what the inspiration has been around the massive team sign up.

What has inspired such a big team sign up from Sesame Lane this year?

Inspiration for our big Jetty 2 Jetty Sesame Lane team, has been inspired by the families and children attending Sesame Lane.

Being part of an event that promotes family and community involvement can only strengthen our relationships with our local community. Sesame Lane lives by our promise to inspire “Happy healthy learners”. Healthy children, need healthy role models. When children see staff practicing what they preach, they are more likely to want to practice those healthy behaviours themselves. It is important for us all to support and encourage healthy habits among staff and families, and promote building healthy relationships

Is Sesame Lane raising awareness for any special cause or charity by running in J2J this year?

Yes, a focus on health and well-being. We want to use this opportunity to be out in the community and promote our sesame Lane team spirit.

Those at risk of mental health conditions are at increased risk for chronic physical conditions, which makes having community and team support very important. A Community-wide event like Jetty 2 Jetty brings people from all walks of life across our Sesame Lane services together, strengthening our team, and our community presence. Healthy habits inspire a healthy mind.

Has Sesame Lane organised any training programs for their team to help get ready for J2J?

Yes, each service has created their own training groups and plans, from parking a couple of blocks away from work and walking the rest of the way, to “Weekend Walk and Talks”.

What does being involved in community events like Jetty 2 Jetty mean for Sesame Lane, it’s staff and their families?

Sesame Lane being involved in a community event such as Jetty 2 Jetty feel its important for bringing a connection into our community, and for bringing families and people together.

Jetty to Jetty is an event the whole family can participate in no matter your age or fitness, fostering community pride, and strengthening relationships, helping create support networks, building bonds and relationships among our community.

This is Sesame Lane’s 5th year participating in the Jetty 2 Jetty Fun Run and the team now see the race as an annual event on their calendar.