6 Tips to Achieving a Running Goal
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6 Tips to Achieving a Running Goal

Are you struggling to stay motivated with your running or start back up this year?

We've put together a handy guide to get your mo-jo back and start kicking running training goals in time for the Jetty 2 Jetty Fun Run!

1.Set your Goal

Set your goals early and put them somewhere you can see them, like on the fridge or your mobile phone wallpaper, for constant run-spiration!

Set smaller ‘mini-goals’ to aim for whilst on the journey to your bigger goal. For example:

1. Run a kilometre under so many minutes
2. Run once a week, with two other training sessions
3. Complete 10,000 steps a day

A great running goal is the 2019 Jetty 2 Jetty, with 3km, 5km,10km and half marathon races, this fun run is perfect for beginner and experienced runners looking to improve a Personal Best. The 2019 event will be held on Sunday, 21st July, giving you time to work on your fitness goal!

Registrations are now open, hop on over and register to get that goal started.

2. Running Program

To help keep you on track get a running program - for new runners, start with a walk/run program (couch25k is a great option or smaller distance programs are available).

We also have a 16 week half marathon program created by Shena Dale, a running physio from Scarborough Physio.

Following a set running program will help to guide you through your running training and keep you on track to achieve your goal!

3. Strength and Conditioning

To help build your running endurance get a good strength & conditioning program to compliment your running and help to keep you injury free.

A strength and conditioning program does not have to be at the gym, you can do lots of suitable strengthening for running with a simple program at home or using free gym equipment at public parks.

4. Find a Running Buddy

Sometimes staying motivated with running can be difficult on your own, so why not find someone to run with you!

If this is you, join a running group or ask a good friend to be your running partner.

Having someone to run with makes it more fun and can help to keep you motivated and accountable on those days you think you’d rather sleep in!

5. Running Coach

Do you need some extra help with your running?

Consider getting a running coach. They can write you an individualised training program, help to guide your training and race preparation, answer any questions you have about running and take away some of the stress of training for a race.

6. Consult a Doctor

If you are new to running, consider getting checked out by your Dr before starting to train.

If you are a seasoned runner, consider getting a physio assessment to identify any muscle imbalances, help to ensure you are targeting the right muscles in your training and to help you stay injury free.

Hopefully these tips will keep you on track and motivated to achieve your running goal!

Need more tips? Keep reading for more running advice.

Happy Running!